Despite a mean cold virus striking the Neibert’s, we’ve had a very productive weekend. Ripken & Riley’s rooms were painted during the week and re-arranged during the weekend. Here’s a couple of pictures of what the rooms look like now:

Ripken’s Room: We added an “accent wall” with a darker blue and turned the two twin beds into a bunk bed. Rip LOVES his “new” bed and had a blast pretend sleeping this afternoon. Let’s hope he’s not too disappointed that he isn’t going to get to sleep on the top bunk…

Riley’s Room: Well it’s taken us several months to clear out this room but we have finally done it…mostly. The paint is almost done…I still need to go in and add the “design” along the line where the two colors meet but that will probably happen after Riley is born as I think I’m out of energy. That may change next weekend, but only time will tell. The dresser we bought yesterday and assembled today. Rip had a lot of fun playing “fixer man” while Daddy & Mommy worked on the dresser. Must have worn him out because he took a 3 hour nap!