Before I get to the turkey day events, just wanted to share how much fun we had last weekend. It started with with our normal CostCo run on Saturday where Rip and Daddy had a good time shopping (no incidents to report!). Saturday afternoon we went over to some friends house where they have a playscape in the backyard. They also had a Ripken size Jeep. Kirk & I had lot so fun watching Rip drive. He’s got the gas pedal part down perfect. Still needs to work on the steering thing though. Let’s just say, it’s a good thing that the jeep didn’t go too fast…

Sunday we had some old friends in town and they came over for a few hours with their 3 year old daughter Siena. Rip & Siena were a little shy at first but then they opened up and had a blast playing with each other. Here’s a picture of them eating dinner together. And Rip really must have liked Siena because he ate a HUGE meal and asked for thirds later that evening.


Cold front came in the night before. 82 degrees on Wednesday. 40 degrees on Thursday. I think the weather in Austin is bi-polar. Anyhow, our neighbors, Cathy & Bill, wanted to run the Turkey Trot so we (and by “we” I mean “I”) agreed to watch their two girls, Sarah and Megan, for a few hours. The girls arrived at our house at about 8:30 a.m. After a few minutes of hanging out upstairs, everyone decided they wanted to go outside and play. I took one picture of the kids playing together outside before I had to go back inside…it wasn’t quite 40 degrees yet and as warm as Riley keeps me, she was not match for this arctic front.

Anyhow, the girls left a little before noon. Rip and mommy took a nap. Then the cooking began! Our menu consisted of: turkey breast, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, stuffing and apple pie. The target feasting time was 5pm and I’m happy to report, we were only 15 minutes off target.

Mommy and Daddy agreed the meal was fabulous! Rip has no opinion as he didn’t eat anything other than the corn. Of course he really wanted some pie but the rule book says no turkey, no pie. Oh it’s important to note here that although Mommy did all the cooking, Daddy and Rip were in charge of setting the table and they did a mighty fine job! AND…Rip has officially been assigned his first chore. Rip is in now charge of feeding Camden in the morning and evening. Turkey day was his first day with the new responsibility and so far, so good. We’ll keep you posted on how this works out.

After the gorge-fest, we all headed out into the arctic weather to play with the neighbors. The parents were all bundled up and barely withstanding the harsh conditions while the kids ran around as if it were 75 degrees and sunny. After an hour of this fun play we all called it quits and headed in for the evening. All in all a very nice and quiet turkey day.