We finished up Thanksgiving weekend with a little tree decorating and bowling.

On Saturday afternoon, I pulled out the ole tree ornaments. Rip’s reaction was “look at all this stuff!!” Mommy, Daddy and Ripken spent a good 45 minutes putting various ornaments on the tree (it’s an artifical tree that’s pre-lit so trimming the is a piece of cake). It was fun watching Rip pick up the different ornaments and decide where to put them. The majority of Rip’s decorating was front and center but that’s fine with us…makes for a fun story. And to really get into the season, we pulled out the Christmas videos and watched Here Comes Santa Claus.

We also installed Riley’s car seat on Saturday. To help Rip get used to having another person in the car, we brought down one of his stuffed bears and strapped him into Riley’s car seat. Rip was very cute about it. Before I put the bear in the car seat he asked to “kiss the Riley bear”. He’s going to be such a good big brother!

Sunday afternoon was a scheduled play date with Rip’s best friend Connor. The weather was cold and rainy so we had to meet at a neutral indoor place. We decided on The Main Event which is a rather large indoor bowling, arcade, miniature golf, rock climbing place. We were thinking the miniature golf would be a great thing to keep the kids busy. Unfortunately, this particular establishment requires the kids to be at least 42 inches tall in order to play. Connor could pass the height requirement if his hair was standing straight up but there was no way we were going to get an extra 2 inches on Rip. So, after a little bit of modified skee-ball (see picture), we decided to try bowling. It definitely was the highlight of the afternoon.

The bowling alley has these ramps that you put in front of the lane and all the kids have to to is get a bowling ball up top and push it down. Bumpers automatically pop up and next thing you know, the kids are bowling. Ripken & Conner had a blast watching the pins get knocked down and clapped every time. At one point the bowling area turned on black lights and cranked the music up. This ignited a 10 minute dance-a-thon from Rip & Connor (Daddy was tempted to join in but decided to remain focused on his bowling game).

The overall outcome of the game was as you would expect, Daddy came in first place with a score of 120. Connor was in second place with a score of 114. I do need to note here that Daddy was sweating it out until the very end…he was VERY concerned that Connor was going to win…so competitive! And Daddy is still saying that Connor had an unfair advantage of ramps and bumpers…whatever! Ripken took last place but didn’t give two hoots…he was more concerned about getting his turn and pushing the ball down the ramp.

Because the weather was cold and rainy all weekend, I think we all welcomed the change of pace by going back to work/school. Our next big event is Mimi flying in this weekend and the much anticipated arrival of Riley. I promised Mimi Riley would stay put until at least Saturday…let’s hope Riley is feeling cooperative!