Well, lots of stuff going on today. Kirk and I arrived at the hospital this morning bright and early at 6am. As I expected I didn’t sleep too well last night…too much anticipation of the big arrival. So far all has gone well. I’m hooked up to an IV, signed all my consent forms, have a fetal monitor hooked up to my belly and a little Greatful Dead playing on the MP3 player. As soon as we have pictures of little Riley we will post them here. Meanwhile, a little update on what’s happening at the Skyflower house:


Last weekend before heading to the airport to pick up Mimi Daddy and Ripken spent some quality time getting some Christmas lights hung up outside. We had decided last year to leave the lights in the tree since you couldn’t really see them and avoid as much work as possible this year. Much to everyone’s surprise, the stinkin’ squirels ate through several strings of lights so the work ended up being just as much as if we had taken them down and started from scratch.

Mimi arrived in Texas last Saturday. Thankfully Ripken warmed up to her pretty quickly. His favorite game is to tell Mimi “Save me!” This gets started when mommy or daddy chase Rip, tickle him or try and get him to go to bed. Of course, every morning Ripken has told Mimi to “Leave Me Alone!”. Cranky little kid! Mimi is being a great sport and taking everything in stride. Hopefully all is going well at the house while we’re hanging at the hospital.


I think I’ve mentioned in the past that Rip’s best friend is Connor. Well last night during bed time preparation Rip picked up a couple of his littel snowman toys and announced that the toys were brothers…more specifically that the toys were Ripken and Connor. He then proceeded to play with the toy brothers even after the lights went out.



And last, but not least, here’s a picture as of 10 minutes ago πŸ™‚