I can’t believe Riley is 1 week old already. The week has gone by very quickly and rather smoothly. Mimi has been a huge help taking on almost all of the cooking, doing laundry, lots of diaper changing and giving lots of love to Riley.

We have all been very thankful at how well Ripken has adjusted to the change. He’s very loving towards Riley and hasn’t seemed jealous at all. Of course the really cool remote control monster truck might have contributed to that. So far we have two favorite quotes from Ripken. The first was at the hospital when he saw Riley the first time. He said “Cool!”. The second favorite quote was the other day when he went up to Riley and said “Hi Riley, I’m your big brother.” Too much fun!

We did keep Rip home from school on Monday but quickly agreed that he was going a little stir crazy and school would be a good thing for him. We all agree it was the right move as he comes home in a very good mood and has been a great joy to be around. Tonight we went to his school holiday party which was quite entertaining. Kirk is working on editing the video we took and I will post here as soon as it’s ready.

Notable Riley stuff:

So far Riley refuses to fall to sleep without nursing first. She’s definitely a comfort feeder and so far we’ve been pretty unsuccessful in getting her to take a bubble (a.k.a. pacifier).

Squeaky. Man, is this girl squeaky! Awake or sleeping she squeaks all the time!

Weight update: newborns typically lose between 5 – 10% of their body weight and are back up to their birth weight by week two. Riley, likes to eat. She has managed to get back to her birth weight within 1 week. Very impressive!

Jaundice. Riley had some jaundice so we had lots of fun going to the doctor 3 days in a row to have her heel pricked for testing. Thankfully the jaundice peaked and started declining on day 3. Her yellow coloring has already started leaving her face.

Diaper changing. For the most part, Riley only cries when she’s ready to be fed and really it’s more of a fuss (some squeaking with a head turn and open mouth). However, all hell breaks loose when you change her diaper. As soon as you start removing the clothing the crying starts…and then peaks while you are trying to wipe her bottom. Oh and the legs are kicking uncontrollably at this point too. As soon as the fresh diaper is secure and in place, crying stops…instantly…as if nothing had happened at all. It’s such an abrupt stop it makes you laugh!

First shopping adventure. Today was Riley’s first shopping extravaganza. Mimi & Mommy had a lot of errands to run and bundled up Riley and brought her along. Nothing too exciting to report here other than Riley slept 99% of the time.

Ok, here are a couple more pics to share.