Here are a few updates to things we’ve done over the past week.

Bumpa’s arrival: Bumpa (a.k.a. Gumpa) arrived last week. Rip took about 30 seconds to warm up to him. It was a good 3 minutes before the teasing between Daddy & Bumpa started. The most recent teasing took place yesterday when Kirk changed Bumpa’s phone to read “Hook ’em Horns” instead of “Go Blue”. I’m sure there will be lots of little stories to tell by the time Bumpa heads home.

Bumpa’s first chance to hold Riley was when we got home from picking him up at the airport. While holding Riley, Bumpa looked at Rip and said he was going to take Riley back to Michigan with him. Rip immediately replied “No Bumpa! She’s our sister, you can’t take her!”

Gingerbread House: We are members of the Austin Children’s Museum which Rip LOVES to go to. Last week they had an activity that allowed various age groups to build/decorate gingerbread houses. Kirk and I took Rip down thinking this would be a good non-Riley activity we would all enjoy. Below are pictures of Rip’s decorating efforts. We also spent some time playing at the museum once we completed our gingerbread house. BTW, the little red candies are hot tamales and Rip definitely does not like them 🙂