This past Wednesday I had a work conference call scheduled and had a bit of a rough start. There were technology issues (my computer temporarily crapped out) and then there were Ripken issues. Near as we can figure, all the excitement of the past few weeks finally caught up with Ripken. The morning started out with a few Ripken meltdowns, several time-outs and lots of “under-the-breath-cursing” by Mommy & Daddy. When I was finally up and running and live on the conference call, I was doing a little venting to my client about Ripken and my client so accurately titled Rip’s actions “Holiday Hangover”. I hadn’t heard that phrase before but now permanently added that to my vocabulary.

As of today, Mimi has officially been here for 4 full weeks. We are all amazed at how fast the time has gone and are very happy to report that the time together has been without any major incidents. As anyone away from home this long would be, Mimi is ready to go home but sad that she can’t take her favorite grand-daughter with her (yes, I know, Riley is her only grand-daughter). Bumpa (a.k.a. Gumpa) has been here for 1.5 weeks and is experiencing the same mixed emotions. We have all been amazed at how Riley & Bumpa have bonded during their short time together. Should Riley fuss or cry at all, we all immediately pass her off to Bumpa who is the one person that can console Riley every time. Mommy is a little concerned about how she is going to manage after Bumpa leaves…

Christmas morning was fun, fun fun! We got a bit of a late start as Rip picked that morning to sleep in. Mommy headed upstairs around 8:30 to check on Rip and open the blinds in hopes of initiating the wake-up. It worked. Of course, Rip’s mood was a little suspect. It took a couple of minutes to convince him to go downstairs to see what Santa brought. And when he got half way down the
stairs, he sat down, crossed his arms and announced “It’s not fair!” We still have no idea what he meant but are glad his mood improved once he say the toys under the tree. And yes, Rip scored on the gifts again this year. The top 3 favorites were: electric Razor car from Aunt Kelly and family; Tool Bench & tools from Santa; Thomas the Train track from Aunt Krissy and family.

We all went bowling the day after Christmas. Daddy is glad to report that he once again came in first. Bumpa followed second with Ripken in a *very* close third. Mommy & Mimi held back on their bowling skills so as to not bruise any male egos. Riley…well, she slept through the entire event.

I think that’s about it for now. Kirk is still working getting some Christmas video edited. Once that’s ready to go I’ll post here. Meanwhile, here are a couple pics from Christmas.