Well, last Wednesday was our first day of managing 2 kids without the assistance of Mimi & Bumpa. I’m not sure how Kirk was feeling, but I was a bit nervous. I figured Wednesday wouldn’t be such a big deal as it would be just me and Riley…and how tough can that be? I mean, all a newborn does is eat, sleep and poop…right? I should be able to handle that and log in quite a few hours of work. Uh…wrong!!

First, let me start off by saying that Riley, for the most part is a very easy baby. However, she can be quite particular about a few things. The thing she is most particular about is her intense desire to be held and walked around. She really is not content just sitting in your lap. And the more tired she gets, the less she likes sitting still. So, I spent most of Wednesday afternoon holding Riley and walking around the house until she feel asleep. And by then, I was pretty tired and needed a nap too. Work hours logged = 1/2 hour. That’s not going to pay the bills…

Thursday was the day I was really concerned about. It was the first day I had both Riley and Ripken home without any other adult assistance. The morning started out OK until Kirk left for work. At that point, Riley let me know she was ready to be walked (BTW, rocking chair, swing, carriers, etc…not the same thing as walking). At the same time, Rip decided he needed Mommy to play with him and nothing other than that was going to make him happy. By 9am, all three of us were crying. Thankfully, by 9:30 am, all 3 of us had stopped crying. After I finally got Riley to sleep, I managed to brush my teeth, change out of my PJs, eat some breakfast and spend some time with Ripken. That was the turning point and the rest of our day went much better. I think it was a bit of a shock for Rip when he didn’t get attention the second he requested it. And after spending a little bit of time playing with him in the morning, he was content to play by himself the rest of the day. As a matter of fact, he skipped his nap and played in his room while I worked on getting Riley down for her nap and took a short little nap myself. When I woke up, Rip said “Mommy, you awake now?”

Friday was a little better in terms of getting work done. I think Riley and I are starting to get a little bit of a schedule down and I can get some work in while she naps. Life would be a bit easier if she would take a pacifier without putting up a fight. I’m still working on that…she’ll take the pacifier about 25% of the time. Hopefully in a week or so we’ll be up to 75% of the time. After that, we need to work on getting her to take a bottle. If she doesn’t take a bottle, she’s going to be awfully hungry when she starts day care in March…

Just a quick note on a new Ripken quote. As of the past few weeks Rip’s favorite movie is Cars. I mean the kid will watch the entire movie and then ask if he can watch it again. Anyhow, there’s one part in the movie where Lightning McQueen drives off the road into some cactus. It’s at this point that Rip likes to comment “Look, he went into the Cadillacs!” We think it’s hillarious that Rip calls cactus Cadillacs.

Ok, enough yapping, here are some pics of the kids:

Here’s Ripken wearing his new cooking apron he got for Christmas. The kid loves to pretend cook!

Little Riley being content

Riley taking a nap

Riley spending a few minutes in “play time”

Riley not very happy with her situation…