Ok, I knew it was going to be tough having two kids but honestly, I had no idea how tough it could be. What makes it so tough is that as soon as I have one child all set to go, the other is then needing something. For example, Riley goes to sleep, Ripken wants to play. Ripken goes to sleep, Riley needs to eat and then be walked around. By the time I’m done meeting the needs of my children, I’m exhausted and need to sleep myself.

So you ask, “How can she possibly be blogging if she has no time???” Well, all the stars were aligned a of 10 minutes ago. Ripken elected to skip his nap (usually starting at noonish) but just passed out on the couch. And…Riley is sleeping too! And I have the pictures to prove it! And, unfortunately, picture taking moments seem to be rare but here are a few others that were taken over the past couple of weeks.

I hope to be back blogging on a regular basis soon. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures 🙂