Ok, so I officially experienced “Mommy brain” the other day. Technically the “Mommy brain” happened a couple of weeks ago, but we didn’t find out it happened until this past weekend. If you’re thinking “Huh!?!?”, let me shed some light. A couple weeks back I was going through the mail and entered into my calendar an appointment for a birthday party we were invited to. I even sent a meeting request to Kirk so it was on his calendar. Man, I was feeling so incredibly organized! So, the birthday party was this past weekend. I had a gift (nicely wrapped). I even got Rip down for his nap early and had him eat lunch before the party (to minimize the sugar effect once he ate the b-day cake). Ding…reminder popped up for the party. We pile into the car and head over to the party. We pull up to the house and Kirk thinks out loud: “Are we the first ones here? There aren’t any cars. Is the party today?” Suddenly, I start doubting my organizational skills. Did I really get the date wrong for the party??? We walk up to the house, ring the doorbell (BTW, we peered into the window and didn’t see any signs of a party). Our friends open the door and inform us the party was the day before. Unbelievable! I’d say embarrassing but I actually found it to be quite hilarious. I would never miss a birthday party on purpose, but I do have to say it was rather nice: no crazy crowds, no sensory overload for Rip, no fighting over toys, and we still got a piece of cake! So, that’s my “Mommy brain” story.

Definition of a Cadillac: any of numerous succulent plants of the family Cactaceae, of warm, arid regions of the New World, having fleshy, leafless, usually spiny stems, and typically having solitary, showy flowers.

If you are thinking “Huh!?!?!” again, let me explain. Lately Rip has been watching a lot of the Cars movie and he has mixed up Cadillac with cactus. Let me explain further. In one scene Lightning McQueen says “Float like a Cadillac, sting like a Beemer” . In another scene he crashes into cactus and another character says “cactus”. Rip has somehow mixed up these and thinks cactus are Cadillacs. We were at a playground the other day and he pointed to some cactus and said “Look Mommy, Cadillacs!” Too funny!

Kitchen’s Closed! This is what we tell Rip when he gets down from the dinner table without eating his dinner. This is so he knows he can’t come back and ask for food later if he doesn’t eat at dinner time. The other night I was on the couch feeding Riley while Rip and Daddy were eating dinner. Rip called over to me and said “Mommy, kitchen’s closed! Better come eat your dinner!” Well, at least we know he hears what we said 🙂

The past two days have been very good! Yesterday Riley essentially slept all day long which usually means that she will sleep all night long. It also meant that I was able to spend some quality time with Rip during the day. And, both Rip & Riley were sleeping at the same time for almost 2 full hours! How nice it was to get some stuff done (i.e. prep dinner, pay some bills, little bit of work). Today Riley woke up in a great mood, took a long nap and then work up in a good mood again! After her first nap, we spent about an hour hanging out laughing and having fun. She was very vocal and had lots of smiles to share. And…on top of all that good stuff, for the first time, Riley rode in the car without screaming!!! This made me so happy I can’t even begin to express the extent of my joy!

Ripken has a new friend. Last weekend Kirk’s co-worker, Ryan, and his family came over for dinner. Ryan has a son, Michael, just a couple month older than Rip so we were hopeful the two would get along. And we were very pleased to watch the two play together famously for several hours. There weren’t any sharing issues…which tends to be the biggest problem when it comes to Rip’s toys. The two ran around the house while being chased by monsters (Kirk & Ryan). And sat down to dinner with each other at the kids table (we pulled in the kid picnic table). All in all, it was a great evening and we’re very excited that we’ve found another boy for Rip to play with.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now.