Top 10 Things I’m Grateful for in March 2008

10. Doorbell Dinners. Our neighbors gave us a gift certificate for a dinner delivery service that we just took advantage of. Love not having to cook every meal!

9. Dell Emergency Dependent Care: Kirk is flying to Japan tomorrow so I would normally be left with the kids by myself. FORTUNATELY, Dell has a service where you can have a care giver come to your house should you need backup dependent care. Now, I probably could handle the 2 kids on my own for a few days but it will be ever so nice to have someone around to help corral the kids.

8. Haircuts. I’m very grateful for people that have been trained in cutting hair. My last haircut was Nov. 7th. Today, I had a couple of inches cut off and added bangs to my ensemble. BTW, according to Oprah’s magazine, bangs make you look younger.

7. Kirk picking up the dog poop and watering the trees each week without me asking.

6. Gift certificates to spas. Last October mom gave me a gift certificate to a spa. On Monday I will be getting a deluxe facial and a super duper pedicure.

5. Ripken participating in our weekly family meetings (only 2 meetings so far but we like what we’ve seen).

4. Riley no longer screaming in the car! Love this new feature in our baby. It has officially been a couple of weeks since any type of screaming has occurred. Phew! That was a tough stage!

3. Spring weather. The weather in Austin is at it’s best right now. The cold has left and the heat hasn’t arrived yet. We’re talking mid 70’s and sunny!

2. Ripken being in charge of getting night night to school.

And, the #1 thing I am grateful for this month…

1. Riley finally taking the bottle!!!