Woo hoo! This was a big weekend for us Texas Neiberts. Riley turned 4 months earlier this week so that meant it was time to Ferberize!

For those not familiar with this term, Ferberize is a method of helping an infant/toddler/child develop good sleep habits. For us this meant teaching Riley how to sleep on her own in her crib. With the Ferber method, you essentially put your child in her bed and let her cry it out until she falls asleep. You, the incredibly strong parent, go into the room in increasing 5 minute intervals to comfort the child

We also used this Ferber method on Ripken and had a very different experience.

  • Ripken: took a pacifier when he was a baby so we weaned him of the pacifier at the same time we Ferberized him
  • Riley: didn’t take a pacifier

  • Ripken: no video monitor to ‘see’ that Rip was ok
  • Riley: video monitor in place – we think it was better being able to see our child screaming at the top of her lungs vs. just hear. Like I said, we think this was better… 

  • Ripken: cried it out for 1.5 hours the first night before falling asleep
  • Riley: cried it out for 40 minutes before falling asleep

So, we have to admit that we were pleasantly surprised at how quickly Riley fell asleep. We had prepared ourselves for a very long battle as Riley is very ‘spirited’. Next steps are to see how she does tonight and once bedtime is taken care of we move into getting her nap time in her crib.

BTW, Rip was great throughout the screamfest. He watched the movie Cars (again!) and kept monitoring the video monitor to make sure Riley was ok. I’m pretty sure he’s glad that Riley will be sleeping upstairs. I’m not sure he’s happy because he’ll have company or because Riley won’t be sleeping with Mommy and Daddy which is what he would like to do…

That’s it for now…we’ll keep you posted on the sleep adventures of Riley.