Ok, here are the final results from this past weekend of Ferberizing:

Friday: 40 minutes of crying, slept through the night
Saturday: 13 minutes of crying, woke up at 2am and 4am…Mommy and Daddy VERY tired on Sunday
Sunday: 10 minutes of wimpering, woke up at 2am for a couple of minutes then up for the day at 5am.

Saturday: one nap in her crib (cried for just a few minutes before falling asleep). The nap was pretty short and she ended up taking a second, very long nap in Mommy & Daddy’s bed.

Sunday: one nap in her crib, one on Mommy & Daddy’s bed. The nap in her crib was about 2 hours long. It would have gone longer except Ripken felt obligated to wake up Riley when he woke up from his nap. He told me: “It’s awake time so I woke up Riley!”