Couple weeks back we took Rip to his first movie in a theater. We picked him up from school early on a Friday (left Riley there while we played hooky) and headed to the theater. Horton Hears a Who was playing and we thought it would be a great first movie for Rip. Overall it was a very good experience. After buying our tickets and popcorn, we headed back to our theater. As we passed several others, Ripken was very impressed with the ‘big t.v.s’. he kept seeing. He also liked the big ‘rocking chairs’ we got to sit in. The previews were a little bit scary but not enough to make him want to get up and leave. I’m not sure he completely understood the movie but at the end he did say he liked it…and didn’t want to leave 🙂 The only trouble we ran into was as we first walked into the theater, the candy was at Rip’s eye level and we didn’t have the foresight to set the expectation of ‘no candy’. Little melt down, but nothing we couldn’t handle. After the movie, we went and picked up Riley and had a very nice family dinner at California Pizza Kitchen.


There’s a little farm about an hour outside of Austin that has various events throughout the year. In October we went out there for pumpkin picking. This time, it was strawberry picking. It was a bit warm (~90) but overall a nice day. We met Ripken’s friend Connor and his mom and brother so it was a group event. Nothing too exciting to report…little bit of picking, little bit of running, little bit of car playing, little bit of looking at the animals (goats, donkeys horses). Ok, so there is one funny tale to be told. I forgot to bring Riley’s hat to protect her from the sun. I brought the baby bjorn and had planned on carrying her around (she really likes it). So instead of relegating her to the stroller where she gets squirmy and fussy (but protected from the sun), we made a hat for her…out of a diaper. Ok, so she’s probably going to have to go to therapy when she grows up because of this, but it worked! One little boy saw Riley and then went up to his mom and said “Mom! That baby has a diaper on it’s head!” Oh well, what are you going to do???

Ok, that’s it for now. I’ll post a few pictures in another post as soon as I get my computer to work.