Ok, before I get around to explaining the title of this blog, let me provide some updates on the Neibert clan.


  1. still loving his allowance. He hasn’t spent last week’s allowance so after he gets his allowance tomorrow he will actually have $6! He’s doing a great job of keeping it in his green plastic container which is acting as his wallet.
  2. Photographer Man: Rip got a hold of our camera one day and spent some time (like 30 minutes) taking pictures. See the bottom of the post for some samples of his work.
  3. Last week Rip was given the opportunity to pick up any toys on the floor and put them away otherwise Mommy was going to pack up anything on the floor and take it away. Rip elected to pick up 3 trucks…and that was it. So I spent about 3 hours clearing out Rip’s room, Riley’s room and the playroom. Threw away a lot of junk that had accumulated and packed up 4 boxes of books and toys that were either not put away or hadn’t been used in quite some time. Since the major clean out, we remind Rip that anything that is on the floor at the end of the day gets taken away. Amazingly, he has only asked for one thing that was taken away. Looks like he really didn’t care for anything else. Clean up is certainly getting to be a much easier task these days šŸ™‚


  1. Can you say ‘Girl on the Go!’? This girl will not stay in one place for more than a few seconds. And she’s just like her Daddy…goes straight for the audio/visual equipment. We certainly need to ramp up the baby proofing in this house.
  2. Sitting up all by herself. Unfortunately, she likes to be on the go so much she launches herself from the sitting position to the crawling position and smashes her face in the ground which then makes her cry. So we have to be next to her while she sits to prevent an unnecessary face smashing.
  3. She wore her first bathing suit yesterday. A neighbor invited us over for a little swim time (yes summer is here…high 90’s, even hit 100 the other day) so I suited up the kids and went to the neighbors to cool off. Riley LOVED the water and looked absolutely adorable in her bathing suit.
  4. Loves the baby bjorn. Whenever she gets fussy during the day, we just strap her in the baby bjorn and walk around. She is almost always instantly happy and kicks her feet like there’s no tomorrow.
  5. Next check up is June 9th. We’ll see how much she has grown by then.
  6. Still not very interested in solid food. I’m going to take some cereal into her school next week to see if they can get her interested.

Ok, Hotel Neibert. Well, we have some friends that are moving to Spokane, WA in a week. They ended up selling their house very quickly and needed a place to stay for a couple of weeks until it was time from them to leave (they have a son who is in school until May 30). Kirk and I decide to offer up our home to them. So we now have 10 people and 2 dogs living in our house. That breaks down into 4 adults, 6 kids and 2 dogs. The kids are 7, 5, 3 1/2, 3, 8 mo & 6 mo. We are very happy to report that things are going relatively smooth. Bedtime is the biggest issue as, up until last night, we were trying to get 4 boys to sleep in the same room. Unfortunately, one particular boy (that would be Ripken) is much more interested in engaging another little boy (the 3 year old) in playtime. The first night the family stayed with us was a Friday night so we thought we would let them get it out of their system. At midnight, we finally put an end to playtime…I’m sure they would have gone all night long. Since then, it really has been a struggle to get Ripken to stay in bed and go to sleep. So for the next week, Rip is going to sleep with us. He is hardly upset about this as he LOVES to sleep with Mommy and Daddy. Other than that, very few struggles. The guest family will be leaving June 1st and I’m sure Rip is really going to miss having 3 boys to play with as soon as he gets home from school. Even Riley is enjoying having the other baby here. We put them in exersaucers facing each other and they just smile and talk. Too much fun!

Well, that’s plenty for now. Check out a bunch of pictures below.


Ripken’s Photography – how do you like the subjects he picks šŸ™‚

Can you find 4 boys in here??? 


Ripken was soooo proud of his first purchase – Froot Loops

Riley going after her Daddy’s audio/visual equipment 

Riley in her pretty swimsuit 


Ripken with Devon and Carson – playing in Bull Creek 

Ripken and Devon playing aligators

Mommy & Riley

Riley looking for something to launch herself at