Well, today was our day to travel from Texas to Michigan. Overall it was an easy trip and nothing too exciting to report. We do have a few fun stories to share so here goes:

1. Parking. Ok, so the kids and I are going to be staying in Michigan for 2.5 weeks. Kirk is going to fly to Texas on the 12th but then has to turn around and fly to Singapore on the 13th. We’ve been trying to get the logistics of getting from the airport home between the different travel/trips. The biggest thing we’ve been trying to work out is how to get the parking card from Kirk to me so I can get the car out of parking when I get to Texas a day before Kirk. So, we pull up to the entrance to the parking lot and explain the situation to the attendant and ask if we can get the car out without the card or if he had any suggestions. The attendant looks at us and simply says ‘Why don’t you just leave the card in the car?’ Ok, so between Kirk and I, we have 10 years of higher education. Exactly why woe couldn’t have figured out this simple solution I will never know. We did get a great chuckle about it and I think this will be a story we laugh about for many years to come.

2. Our flight from Chicago to Flint was a little bumpy and at one point there was the turbulence that made if feel like the plane was going to fall out of the sky. Everyone on the flight was pretty pale…except for Ripken who gleefully exclaimed ‘Wow that was fun!!’ Then proceed to tell me that he wanted to ‘do that again!’ I’m pretty sure everyone else on the plane was not looking forward to doing that again.

3. Riley’s first flight. Oh my gosh this girl did great! We were concerned that our fiesty little girl would be keeping us busy and tiring us out. Much to our relief, she slept at least half of both flights and was easily entertained the rest of the time.

Our first night with the Beebe family has been great. Ripken ran up to Bumpa and gave him a huge hug! That was both surprising and wonderful. Rip spent most of the evening playing with Jonah but gave everyone a little bit of attention. No ‘shyness’ or ‘leave me alone!’ to be had. Riley was really tired from her travels but was all smiles for the family. Aunt Missy rocked her to sleep. Much to mine and Kirk’s excitement, Riley is sleeping in Mimi & Bumpa’s room so we are guaranteed to get a good nights sleep…maybe even sleep in!

Lots of things planned but we’re all pretty tired so I’ll update in a couple of days.