Well, we are on day 9 of our trip and have been pretty busy the entire time. Here’s a summary of what we have done so far:

We went over to Aunt Missy’s place to BBQ and boat. The funnest part of the day was watching Kirk tube on the lake. They (Aunt Missy & Maris) tell us they were taking it easy on us, but the ride was pretty rough. The water was rather choppy with all the boaters so I’m not sure what I looked like on the tube but Kirk was flopping around like a fish out of water. Gumpa was demanding Aunt Missy crank it up a notch and flip Kirk off the tube (this did happen but not for quite some time). Sad note, no fireworks on the water. We’re not sure what the deal with that was but apparently the various areas in the area have shoot the fireworks on various days.

Aunt Missy, Jake, Jonah & Maris were over at Mimi & Bumpa’s house on the 6th. After playing for quite some time, it was time for them to go home. The kids were all playing together so well, I spontaneously asked Rip if he wanted to go home with Aunt Missy. Much to all of our surprise, his immediate answer was ‘Yes!’ Before he left he did ask several times if Kirk & I would be staying here and not going back to Texas before he returned from Aunt Missy’s house. Rip did have a ton of fun spending the night with his cousins and we’re expecting him to do another sleep over before we head home.


This was a great deal of fun! Just a short 4 hour drive to Mackinaw City where we camped for a couple of nights. The campground was HUGE and had many amenities (heated pool, playgrounds, arcade, showers, etc…). There was an old time fire truck that would drive around the campground giving rides to the kiddies. During the ride we saw many very large RVs and got a kick out of how various people defined camping. To us, camping is in a tent, no showers, cooking food over the fire/camping stove. To some others, camping was sitting inside their air conditioned RVs watching their satellite TV.

We spent half a day over on Mackinac Island. The island is 8 miles around and no cars are allowed. So we rented bikes and rode the 8 miles. Beautiful scenery for sure! We also spent a little bit of time driving over the Mackinac Bridge and admiring the view from the Upper Peninsula (a.k.a. the U.P.).

One of our favorite things we did camping was sitting around the campfire telling scary stories. We all took turns telling the stories but enjoyed the stories told by Rip the best. He would take our stories and retell them as best as he could and provide us with unending entertainment.

As the day would wind down and Rip would get increasingly tired, he would ask if we could ‘go back to Michigan.’ I’m not sure he has grasped the concept that Michigan is bigger than just Mimi & Bumpa’s house πŸ™‚

While we were camping Riley spent some quality time with Mimi & Bumpa. I think everyone enjoyed their time together but were happy for the campers to return. Riley is our high maintenance little girl and can wear anyone out. Thankfully Mimi & Bumpa could tag team with each other and not get too exhausted. Riley is growing by leaps and bounds! She is officially pulling herself up. My old prediction of her walking by 9 months stands! And now I’m concerned that it will be sooner. Oh, and Riley loves shoes and purses. Mimi’s dreams for a girly girl could come true πŸ™‚

Overall the camping trip was a huge success and Rip officially announced he liked camping. Oh, one other thing. It doesn’t get dark until 10pm during Michigan summers. We would have our campfire going for 4 – 5 hours before it was dark…and we were sooo ready to go to bed by then. At 9pm we were wondering if it would ever get dark!

We took Rip to see Wall-E today and he absolutely loved it. As the movie ended he asked if we could watch it again. I’m pretty sure this kid would watch movies 24/7 if he were allowed.

Ok, that’s it for now. More activities planned for this weekend so I’ll post updates in a couple more days.