Well our Michigan vacation has come to an end. Tonight was our last night visiting the Beebe side of the family so we had a family dinner at Mimi & Bumpa’s house. The evening was quite enjoyable (although quite loud as well) and I think Rip may finally be ready to head home. He had a last night to play with ‘his Missy’, Jakey, Uncle Jeff, Uncle Maris and a little more time with Nanny (Pettigrew vs. Joan…Nanny Joan’s visit is in just a few short weeks).

Riley is ready to go home too. She has become a serious mommy’s girl these past few days. We’re thinking it has to do with how tired she is and the mommyitis will go away once we get back home (at least I hope so!). Just to give you an idea of how bad the mommyitis is…should I dare to go more than 2 feet from Riley, Riley will start screaming as if she just broke a bone. At the beginning of our trip Riley would go to anyone interested in holding her. Now she turns away from anyone that tries to hold her and grabs tight to mommy.

We’re pretty sure we will have to do some deprogramming with Rip once we return home. No more cookies for breakfast. No more staying up until 10pm (or later). No more watching movies back to back. No more relatives to give him whatever he wants…or at least until we get to Pennsylvania…

Ok, time to go to bed and prepare myself for flying with the two kids all by myself. Oh, and Kirk’s trip overseas is going well. He’s a bit tired but will be home Sunday early evening. He tells me he has some video to post so we can all see a little bit of Asia.