Ok, so we had the cutest thing ever happen at our house the other evening. Rip was sitting down at the table eating his dinner which consisted of a corn dog, mac’n cheese, and some yogurt. Riley was hanging out in the kitchen with me while I was doing something (who knows what). Riley decided to crawl over to where Rip was, pull herself up on his chair and start smiling at him (yes that’s cute, but because that is an every day occurrence, we don’t consider it to be the cutest thing ever). Rip looks down at Riley and asks her if she wants some yogurt, gets some yogurt on his spoon, and then feeds Riley! Riley loved it! Couldn’t get enough! i don’t think it was the yogurt she was so interested in as much as the fact that her big brother (who she absolutely, unequivicaly adores) was feeding her! We had so much fun with that!

Another fun thing…one evening Rip and Daddy were rough housing when Rip got hurt. He stopped playing and informed Daddy “You hurt me! I’m going to tell my Bumpa!” We just about died laughing!