Real quick update on Riley. She has officially started cruising. She’s not breaking any speed records, but she can definitely cruise. Her favorite place to cruise is on one of her toys. It’s sort of a mini square table with all kinds of gadgets on top for her to play with. She’ll start on one side, play with a couple of things, move to the next side, then the next and so on. Coincidentally, this is the place she likes to dance. Some of the table gadgets play songs and she’ll stand there and wiggle her butt and bend her knees like she’s cutting the rug! Too cute! We’ll try and capture her in action on video and post.

Ripken’s Contributions
We’ve continued to have our family meetings and continue to assign contributions. This week Rip is feeding Camden at night, getting dressed and brushing his teeth in the morning and putting his dishes in the dishwasher. The getting dressed in the morning is still somewhat of a battle but we continue to work on it. Today was especially tough because I had to wake Rip up (even though he went to sleep early last night and I let him sleep in later than normal). He was still quite sleepy and not super motivated to get going. So I had to through out the ‘do you want to get dressed or wear your PJs to school?’ He managed to get underwear, shorts and socks on but wore his PJ top to school. Oh, the other thing we started is having Rip responsible for packing his swimsuit and towel on the days he swims at school. Ideally this packing would happen the night before when we remind him but our little procrastinator would rather do the packing in the morning. Needless to say, he didn’t get to swim at school today. His swimsuit (no towel) did make it into the car but not from the car to school. We’ll see how it goes in a couple of weeks. We’re in Pennsylvania next week so he won’t have to think about it until we get back. We’ll keep everyone posted 🙂