Well, we made it to Pennsylvania last night. The flight was pretty uneventful and we managed to meet up with Aunt Kelly and Kelsey without any mishaps. We landed in Baltimore and the drive from Baltimore to PA went smoothly. We arrived at Aunt Krissy’s house by 10:30pm and Nanny Joan’s house by 11pm. Unfortunately, both kiddos slept during the entire drive from Baltimore to PA…and then woke up at Aunt Krissy’s house. The hour and a half nap had the kids charged up and raring to go until 1:30 am!! Wow…mommy and daddy were rather tired by the time we got everyone settled and to sleep.

And true to Riley fashion, she woke up at 6:30am. Man was I glad it was Daddy’s turn to get up with her! We’re all a little off today but I’m thinking things will be back in order by tomorrow.

Other highlights from our first day include:

  • a late breakfast with the Neibert crew
  • Daddy giving a tour of where he grew up in Hummelstown, PA
  • Quick visit to Chocolate World
  • Dinner at Aunt Krissy’s house

One fun thing to note: As Aunt Krissy was leaving, she leaned into our car and told Ripken she loved him. Ripken’s response: ‘Oh, Thanks!’ We all got a chuckle out of that.

Tomorrow we’ll be celebrating Kassidy’s birthday. Tuesday will be a trip to Hershey Park (can you say ‘rollercoasters’?) Wednesday is a picnic at Little Buffalo. Thursday – no official plans. Friday, catch up with Daddy’s friends and their families. Saturday, head to Baltimore and spend some time at Camden Yards and the Inner Harbor before heading to the airport. Man! It already sounds like the week is going to go fast and we’re only on day 1!