Holy Cow was it a busy week in PA! Here are some highlights:

Monday: Kassidy’s birthday party!!

Tuesday: Hershey Park. A fun amusement park with lots of chocolate ๐Ÿ™‚ Rip isn’t the most adventureous soul so we didn’t know what to expect with this trip. After just a couple of rides with mommy and Daddy, Ripken was going solo on the kiddie rides. Unfortunately, lack of sleep and little food caught up with Rip in the early afternoon and his evil twin came out to play. We managed to stay through dinner time but the evil twin was in rare form and we thought it best for the rest of the visitors at the park for us to leave.

Wednesday: Family picnic at Little Buffalo. Well, that’s what was supposed to happen. Unfortunately, Kassidy got sick and Evil Twin Ripken was still around so that particular event was canceled. Fun, loving Ripken returned shortly after lunch so we managed to go to the grocery store for a little shopping and then hit City Island for some miniature golf, a train ride and blue snow cones.

Thursday: Lake Tobias. Daddy, Ripken and Nanny Joan ventured off on a safari. There’s a place not too far from Nanny Joan’s house that has lots of acreage with all kinds of wild animals. There’s a bus that you can ride, very similar to an African Safari, a petting zoo and a reptile building. One fun memory is when a goat tried eating Alexavier and Daddy’s shirts. Ripken was smart and ran fast! He didn’t want his favorite Lightning McQueen shirt to get eaten…

Friday: Nothing too crazy this day. Went out to lunch. Spent some time with more relatives that came down from New York. Then went over to Kirk’s friends for a barbeque. Aunt Kelly and Aunt Krissy were awesome and babysat Ripken so we would have a little time off. Nanny Joan stayed are her house relaxing while Riley slept.

Saturday: Hit the farmer’s market for some lunch and then headed to Baltimore to visit Camden Yards (the stadium…not to be confused with our dog). We managed to see a little bit of the Inner Harbor and have a quick dinner before it was time to head to the airport.

The flight home was pretty non-eventful. Rip did make a couple of friends in the airport while we were waiting to board the plane. The kids ran around and played with various toys. We were hoping this would wear Rip out so he would fall asleep as soon as we got on the plane. It may have helped, but he was still awake for the first hour of the flight. Riley passed out shortly after take-off.

We arrived home about midnight and thankfully everyone transferred from the car to beds without incident. We spent all of Sunday resting and getting ready to get back into the normal schedule. I could tell everyone was pretty wiped out because there were NO issues with bedtime!

Make sure to checkout the pictures to the right. Thanks to Aunt Kelly for letting me steal her pictures…I promise to get them back to you ๐Ÿ™‚