So it was Friday night and we just got home from eating out. Ripken and Daddy are having their traditional ice-es outside and Riley and I are upstairs hanging out in her room for a little bit before bedtime.

Riley is motoring around checking out everything she can get her little fingers on. Then she comes across a lamp cord plugged into the wall. She goes to touch the cord and I, out of habit, made this ‘eh eh’ noise. Riley stops going for the cord and looks at me. Real quick, this ‘eh eh’ noise is something I learned 14 years ago when I took Kaybe to dog training classes. Supposedly parent wolves make this noise towards their young to get their attention and make them stop doing whatever it is they aren’t supposed to be doing. Now, I didn’t really think about it when I made the noise towards Riley, but I am thinking that it may work between human parents and their children.

Ok, so a few minutes pass since I first made the ‘noise’ and Riley starts heading towards the cord again. Smart parent that I am, I noticed she stopped the first time so I make the noise again. Riley stops. Then she looks at me with a little smile on her face. I’m starting to think that maybe the ‘noise’ isn’t a long term solution.

Another few minutes pass and Riley heads to the cord again, only this time she looks at me before actually getting to the cord. She gets to the cord, I make the noise, Riley looks at me with a BIG grin on her face. Ok, now I know this isn’t a long term solution. Now she doesn’t even leave the cord but goes for it again, I make the ‘noise’ and Riley busts out into a belly laugh. Apparently the ‘noise’ is no longer threatening but is now considered entertainment. I repeat the noise, Riley doubles over in laughter. I now decide it’s time for bed. At least we know the ‘eh eh’ noise does not transfer from wolves to dogs to humans!

On a separate note, way back in July when Kirk was in Singapore, he did a little research and found out each of Chinese Years we all were born and then went out and bought a little statue of each animal. In order of appearance: Daddy – snake, Mommy – monkey, Ripken – monkey, Riley – pig: