I can’t believe I forgot to mention this, but when we were in PA we went to a carnival. This is where Rip broke out into an adventerous mode. We started with the Giant Slide, move to the motorcycle ride (where Rip looked thoroughly bored), then some two story obstacle course (Rip was on this for some time) and then we spotted the kiddie roller coaster. I wasn’t sure we were going to get him to go on it, but Rip was gung ho! And he looked bored on this ride too! It was what came next that surprised us immensely…Rip asked to go on a big people ride! And I think he was bored on that too! (check out more pictures in the slide show)

Other highlights of the carnival include Rip winning two fish at the ‘throw the ping pong ball into the fish bowl’ game. Ok, so we paid for one fish and we think Mommy won the second. Then it was on to the ring toss where he won a blow up hammer. Ok, so the carnie people let him walk up to the bottle and place the ring on the bottle…whatever, he got the prize 🙂

We managed to go into and out of the carnival without any temper tantrums. The only mishap was when we were walking back to the car Rip tripped and scrapped up one of his knees. He was better by the time we got back to Nanny’s so all in all it was a great evening!