Yesterday was Ripken’s first school field trip. Now that he is in the ‘big boy, 4 yr. old’ room, he gets to venture outside of the school!

Yesterday’s trip was to a place called Radijazz. We’ve been there before but I’m sure this was an extra special visit because Rip got to not only ride a VAN to the location but play with his school mates too.

And, of course, since this was the first field trip, I had to venture to school and watch the kids line up and get on the bus. I’m feeling very lucky that my job is so flexible and allows me to do this! Anyhow, below are some pictures of Rip and his class. Their next trip is to Krispy Kreme Doughnuts…and yes, Rip is WAAAAY more excited about this trip.


Ripken sporting his new school shirt
(required for field trips) 

From Left to right
Austin, Ripken, Faith, Jonathon, Dalton, Alizabeth & Avrey 

Next step is to get on the van!!!

Ms. Sherry calls Ripken’s name…and here he goes! 

Everyone is on the van! This is the 4th shot I took of all the kids on the van. In the other 3, Ripken is looking down at his seat belt while everyone else is looking at the camera saying ‘Cheese!’ So of course, I had to post the one of Rip finally looking at the camera while the rest of the crew has lost interest 🙂