Oh my have we had a fun weekend! Nothing outrageously exciting, but a few fun things to report.

Cookie Dough

We FINALLY convinced Rip to lick the beaters after making some cookie dough. I don’t know how many times we have tried, but there have been several, and Rip always would say ‘No, I don’t like it.’ Today, he changed his response: ‘that’s for big boys and girls, like you mommy.’ Then after seeing me start in on licking one of the beaters sparkling clean, Rip decide he would give it a try. He stuck his tongue out and barely, I mean just the very tip of his tongue, touched the beater and he declared ‘This is yummy!’ He then proceeded to lick the beater sparkling clean…just like Mommy!

New Fish

After having to leave the fish “Lightning McQueen” in Pennsylvania, we finally made it to the pet store to buy his replacement. We bought a nice 2 gallon tank with a filter and everything! The goldfish was white, orange and black (or dirty as Rip said). As the pet store employee gently handed the fish over to Rip she said ‘Now make sure not to shake the bag.’ Rip was very careful and managed to get outside of the pet store before tripping and letting the fish fly through the air and land in the parking lot. The bag didn’t burst, but I suspected the fish was going to have some health issues. Sure enough, when we finally got the tank set up and transferred the fish, the new Lightning McQueen was looking a little ill…hanging out at the bottom of the tank…a lot. I predicted the fish wouldn’t make it to see morning. Kirk and I went out later that afternoon and by the time we came home, the new Lightning McQueen had passed away. Our babysitter said Rip was a trooper and only got a little teary eyed. We all gathered around the porcelain bowl and said our goodbyes. We did go back to the store today so Rip could buy Lightning McQueen the third. This one is doing much better and I think he will make it through the night…probably even longer!

Giant Things

Well, we were all sitting on the couch and somehow got on the topic of Ripken and Riley getting a baby brother. Rip said something like ‘Mommy when your tummy gets bigger, then we’ll get a baby brother.’ I said, yes that’s correct. And we all agreed that right now my tummy was small. Then Rip climbed over and sits in my lap facing me and, while patting my breasts, says ‘Will these giant things get small like your tummy?’ It took everything Kirk and I had not to completely lose it. We did manage to let Rip know that my ‘giant things’ would not be getting smaller.