Ok, so we have been having our family meetings for a while so I thought I would post an update on all of the contributions Rip has learned and manages on a fairly regular basis:

  • Pick out his clothes
  • Get dressed by himself
  • Dishes in the dishwasher
  • Feed Camden at night
  • Feed Lightning McQueen (his fish)
  • Pack his backpack for school
  • Spray the dinner table with cleaner after we eat (Mommy or Daddy gets to wipe it down)

Things we are just now starting to incorporate:

  • Brushing his teeth on his own
  • Making his own breakfast (cereal only so far)
  • Cleaning up his toys each night

Things we want to incorporate next:

  • Preparing his bath
  • Washing himself (including hair)
  • Waking himself up in the morning