Well Rip turned four this past weekend. We decided to celebrate Ripken’s and his best friend Connor’s birthdays at the same time. We held the party at The Little Gym here in Austin and had around 10 kids show up. They spent the first hour doing gymnastics and the last half hour eating cake. I think not only did the kids enjoy themselves but the parents too…nothing like watching your kid run around getting energy out of their system 🙂

Anyhow, party prep included putting together goodie bags and making a cake. Rip said he wanted a helicopter cake. I checked around town to see what it would cost for a helicopter cake to be made and decided that I would make it instead. So Rip and I baked the cake on Saturday and then Daddy and Ripken decorated the cake. All in all, we were pretty happy with how it turned out. Of course, not a single person could actually tell us what the cake was supposed to be. Rip even said while looking at the picture of what we were trying to accomplish, “Mommy, I think we did something wrong.” Oh well, at least we had fun making it! Below are pictures of what we were trying to make and of the actual outcome.


What we were trying to achieve 


What we actually made 🙂