Rip had a busy week…and it’s only Tuesday!

On Monday, Kirk picked Rip up early from school and took him to his 4yr doctor’s appointment. First, I have to say how HAPPY I am that Kirk managed this appointment. I knew Rip was going to be getting booster shots and was not looking forward to that at all. Anyhow, the appointment went pretty well. Here are the stats:

41″ tall (75th percentile)
37.7 lbs (30th percentile) – YIKES!

Turns out our doctor is not happy at all about Rip’s eating habits. He is especially concerned about the lack of eating veggies. So, starting tonight, Rip gets no special meals…he eats what mom and dad eat. Tonight’s dinner consisted of shrimp, carrots, broccoli and rice. Rip finally broke down at 8pm and ate the shrimp. Still refused the veggies. Rip is very unhappy about the new arrangement.

Other highlights:

Rip had to pee in a cup. Apparently this is a very fun event for boys and sounds like it was a bonding moment between Rip and his Daddy 🙂

Booster Shots. Again, Rip was not very happy about this. He cried for a couple of minutes but the tears went away as soon as he received stickers for his bravery. Then, Daddy treated Rip to a shake on the way home.

Ok, Tuesday morning. Dentist appointment. Rip had his first set of x-rays taken. It was great because Rip just went with the flow. He didn’t act scared, nervous or anything. He went back to the x-ray area and did what he was told. Then came the teeth cleaning. That went pretty good, but he was definitely nervous about the chair that laid flat. The good news is that he got a ‘2’ rating (best being ‘0’). This is quite an improvement from the 12 (out of 18) he received 6 months ago.