Oh, this was a very special day. It was our first time to have a parent-teacher conference for Rip. Rip is officially in a pre-K program at his school so I’m assuming that’s why we had the meeting. His teacher, Ms. Rosaura, is probably in her mid 40’s early 50’s, is also the schools Spanish teacher and I am absolutely thrilled she is Rip’s teacher.

Anyhow, the conference was supposed to be 15 minutes but lasted a full 30 minutes (sorry parents scheduled after me!). Ms. Rosaura was articulate, well prepared and full of information about Rip. Here are some of the highlights she shared with me:

  1. Rip is very focused on his work. They do various worksheets and other projects throughout the day and as soon as the teacher announces it’s time to work, Rip is the first to sit down at the table and is nothing but eyes and ears for the teacher. Rip understands the instructions when told the first time, often tells his classmates if they are doing things wrong and shows them how to do it correctly. If anyone tries to disturb him during work time, he assertively says ‘no’ and nudges them away (the teacher was very impressed with this). Overall, the teacher says intellectually, Rip is at the top of his class.
  2. Playmates: Rip very much likes playing with the boys in the class (vs. the girls). He likes the running, climbing, rough and tough stuff typical of boys. In order to give him a break from the boys, the teacher has Rip sit between two girls, Faith and Alizabeth, at the table. Rip plays with everyone pretty well but still considers Connor B. to be his best friend. Since Connor is in another class, these two only get to play during outside time.
  3. Eating: I finally got the real scoop on how Rip eats at school. Ms. Rosaura says if the food provided is something Rip likes he eats every last morsel and tends to ask for seconds. If the food is something Rip doesn’t like, he announces he doesn’t like it and doesn’t eat it. Or if there is a piece of his food that he thinks looks funny, he’ll eat all the way around it. Veggies…he doesn’t eat these at school either. Actually the teacher said he eats some…not many, but some. At lunch time he sits next to a girl that is a vegetarian so he is getting exposure to someone who eats all kinds of veggies, but this is definitely an area where he is consistent at home and at school. The teacher also mentioned that she can tell if he is tired or hungry because the normally sweet playful boy turns physical and will start to lash out at any little thing bothering him (this is consistent at home too).
  4. Social: we often times think Rip is ‘shy’ so I asked the teacher about Rip’s social behavior at school. She said he is far from shy and is pretty Chatty Kathy with anyone that he comes across…unless he is over stimulated, tired or hungry and then he tends to withdraw. But she said as soon as the stimulus is removed (or he takes a nap or eats) he is right back to being social.

Besides the feedback on Rip at school, I also received a copy of the curicculum for the year. One of the things they will be doing is a class play. Rip’s class will be putting on a play based on the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and Rip will have the lead role!!!! Our budding little star!! The play will be sometime over the next couple of weeks. We will most definitely be videoing the event and will post here when it’s done.

Ok, that’s it for now!