Holy cow has a lot happened since the last post! Here ya go:

1. I officially turned 40. Still feel like I’m in my early thirties so that’s definitely a good thing! For my birthday I received Rock Band for the Wii, a book, some markers (inside joke on that one) and a trip to visit a friend in Spokane, WA.

2. Trip to WA. Oh my! What fun I had! Here’s a real quick summary of what we did between Friday morning and Sunday evening: Hiking in Idaho, teach art at a 2nd grade class, Phantom of the Opera, location scout for a doggie day care, 4-wheeling, Haunted House, hiking in Montana, Rock Band jam with friend’s family. Completely exhausted but it was so worth it! Personally the highlight of the trip was the cool weather and seeing the beautiful fall colors and mountains. One of our hikes we even saw some snow!

3. Rip loses a tooth: I got a call from Rip’s school fairly early this morning letting me know that Rip had a fall at school and had a tooth that was in need of attention. Turns out Rip was running up some stairs, missed a step and landed tooth first. Sure enough, the tooth was hanging on by a thread. We head to the dentist and he proceeds to pull the tooth the rest of the way. Rip was incredibly brave throughout the entire thing. The numbing shot was a little painful but other than that, Rip just did what he was told and didn’t complain a bit. The front left side of his mouth now has a vacant spot. We can get a filler tooth if we want, but that is still yet to be decided.

4. Camden gets lost…sort of. Today after the tooth drama, I got home, opened the minivan doors, shuttled the kids in the house w/o closing the car doors. After I got the kids settled I closed the car doors using the remote control. About 2 hours later I realized that I hadn’t seen Camden in awhile so I opened the door and started calling him…I got nothing. At that point I had to jump on a phone call and was telling my client how I thought my dog had run away. It wasn’t until after my call (2.5 hours after we got home) that I thought I knew where Camden was. I run down to the car, open the car door and there was Camden. Hanging out inside the minivan. He must have run into the minivan thinking we were going for a ride later…oh how wrong he was 🙂 Thankfully we had a cold front come in last night and the weather was a nice cool 70 degrees. If it had been last week, Camden would have been a ‘hot’ dog (ha ha!).

Check out the pictures in the slideshow. Got some good ones of Rip’s fat lip and missing tooth and pumpkin hunting.