Ok, first things first…Riley is walking!! It started 2 days ago with 4 steps and quickly progressed to walking all over the place. Her favorite thing to do is walk to you and have you cheer her on…lots of big Riley smiles when this happens. We’re hoping to have video to prove this but as of right now, every time we yank out the camera, she drops to her knees and starts crawling…what’s up with that??

Riley also has her first pair of glasses. We picked them up on Monday and tried them on at the doctor’s office. They stayed on her head maybe a total of 2 seconds. Further attempts have not increased the duration. Daddy did manage to get them on her and then grab her hands so she couldn’t take the glasses off. She looks awfully cute, but she gets pretty mad when we don’t let her yank them off 🙂 Oh, the other thing is, when we put the glasses on her she doesn’t like to open her eyes. I guess we’ll just have to keep working at it!

Ripken is the most loving son I have ever had! Ok, so he’s my only son, but here’s what he said to me the other day: “Mommy, I love you all the way to your heart” and then came up and gave me a big hug! Now tell me that doesn’t make him the most loving son of all

Mimi is in town this week and the kids are having a blast with her. So far Mimi has been subjected to lots of car playing with Ripken, lots of diaper changing with Riley (thanks Mimi!!) and all kinds of cooking (more thanks!!!!!!!). Mimi also joined us for our family meeting last night and got all kinds of appreciations…and contributions 🙂