Rip wrote his first letter to Santa this weekend. His school has a mailbox set up to collect the letters and rumor has it Santa will be replying to all letters. Below is the letter (please note, Ripken dictated and Daddy wrote everything except for Rip’s signature).

Well, today was Riley’s 1st birthday!!! Not too much to say about this yet because we aren’t going to do our celebration until next weekend. Thankfully she’s too young to realize the delayed celebration. Now we just need to make sure no one mentions this to her when she’s old enough to care…ah hem…that means any one reading this blog 🙂

One other quick note, Riley actually wore her glasses for about 20 minutes or so at the park yesterday before feeling the need to rip them from her face. Since then she’s gone back to keeping them on for mere seconds, but it was pretty cool to see her wear them for a fairly long period of time!