There are many times when we let Ripken sleep on the sleeping bag in our bedroom. Usually it’s nights where he had a nap and is having a hard time falling asleep. It’s not an ideal situation but at least he eventually falls asleep on his own while Kirk & I have time to decompress from the day. The one rule we have about this arrangement is that if Rip leaves the room, he HAS to go back upstairs.

This rule usually works amazingly well. However, the other night, when Rip came down to ask if he could sleep in our room, he saw that we had a movie cued up on the TV (Golden Compass – which has a kid friendly appearance). Rip’s attention was immediately drawn to the TV and we could sense there would be trouble in paradise.

Sure enough, about 5 minutes after I closed the door to the room, Rip came out asking if he could watch the movie. I was tired and not really up for a battle so I gently placed him back in the room and reminded him of ‘The Rule’ and headed out, intending to hunker down and escape from reality. Unfortunately, 2 minutes later, Rip was standing there trying to watch the movie with us. We reminded him of ‘The Rule’ and he declared that he wanted a ‘New Rule’. What??? He thinks he can make rules??? Well, the proposed rule was that he could open the door to the bedroom and stand there and watch the movie and not have to go upstairs. Ha! No such rule will exist in this house!

Kirk and I agreed that us watching that particular movie was going to be an issue so we agreed to not watch it that night. I took Rip back into the room (3rd time???) and told him we would all watch the movie together this weekend. He wasn’t very happy about it, but it did look like he was going to stay in the bedroom.

Kirk and I go about watching our Daily Shows and Office. At the end, we’re tired and ready to go transfer Rip back up to his room and then go to sleep ourselves. Much to our surprise, Rip had locked the door to our bedroom. Huh!? Not exactly sure why he did that but I’m guessing it had something to do with us not letting him watch the movie that night. Regardless, we had to get out the tools and take the door handle off in order to go to bed. Thankfully Rip didn’t fall asleep in front of the door where the door handle dropped to the floor (can you imagine explaining that one to child protective services??).

As a side note, the parenting skills listed above are not the best we have to offer and are not condoned by the Parenting On Track program. We know consistency is the key to success, but sometimes we are just too damn tired! Oh well, no parenting awards for us this year đŸ™‚