Day 5

Day 5 started out by waking up early and hitting the road right away. The evening of day 4 Riley was rather exhausted but was refusing to fall asleep. So we were forced to pull out the pack-n-play and let her “cry out it out” in one of the adjoining rooms while the adults had vodka and tonics in the other room. It took Riley approximately 2 minutes to fall asleep. Rip went down shortly therearfter. Then the adults finished their beverages and hit the sack too.

Flagstaff to Williams, AZ is only a 30 minute drive so we arrived at our destination in plenty of time. We checked Camden into the hotel kennel, found our train tickets and then watched a pre-train ride cowboy’ show. Have I mentioned that the weather didn’t cooperate much on the trip? our train was taking us to the Grand Canyon and it was 50 degrees with a seriously strong and cold wind. So watching the show was a little chilly and walking around at the Grand Canyon was a bit more chilly. Thankfully, the view at the canyon is so amazing that you pretty much overlook the cold.

The train ride itself was just OK. It was great not having to drive to and back from the canyon, but the on board entertainment and the scenery along the way were a little sub-par. There was a staged train robbery on the way back, but we were quite surprised that the actors were just there to collect tips. Oh well, the Grand Canyon was spectacular!

The hotel rooms were very nice and once again we had joining rooms which allowed the kids to run back and forth (endless entertainment šŸ™‚ The next morning we loaded up the car…in 32 degree weather!!! Yes, more snow flurries to start off our day. Thankfully we were heading to Las Vegas where it must be warm!

Day 6

A short 5 hour drive to Vegas. The scenery was pretty fabulous most of the trip and by the time we got to Hoover Dam it was practically tropical (50’s). The traffic going over the dam is pretty heavy and we had to get Camden to his doggie day care so we didn’t stop to tour the dam on the way into Vegas. They are building a Hoover Dam Bypass which looks unbelievable! Especially since it’s half built and the backdrop scenery is to die for! Mimi declared that she didn’t think she would be going on the bypass after seeing it built…too scary!

The Camden drop off went great. I had found a local doggie day care that did boarding so we decided to let Camden go there since we were staying in Vegas for 2 nights. Camden did fabulous during the drop off. He was first introduced to Molly, a GoldenDoodle and then jumped right in with the rest of the visiting dogs. After the drop off, we grabbed some lunch and watched Camden on the doggie cam…we missed him already! Then it was time to get to our hotel and spend some quality time in Vegas. We stayed at Circus Circus which was an absolute mad house when we got there. Thankfully, no glitches on our reservations and we were in the newly renovated West Tower. By far the most spacious and comfortable rooms on the trip. And our rooms were joined…woo hoo!!

The first thing we did was figure out what shows we were going to see. Mimi and Bumpa chose Jersy Boys at the Palazzo. Kirk & I piced Zumanity at New York, New York. After securing tickets, we took the kids to the arcade/circus area. While the kids were playing games, Bumpa managed to win $6 on the slots. Unbelievably, Mimi and Bumpa were the only ones that gambled and it was pretty minimal.

After getting some kid time in at the hotel, Kirk and I headed out to see our show. Typical of Cirque du Soleil, the show was awesome! Lots of audience participation with the participants being great sports as they were certainly asked to do some pretty risque things. After the show Kirk and I headed back to the hotel and crashed hard! Traveling has finally caught up to us and we are tired by now!

Day 7

Started the day off with the breakfast buffet. I’m pretty sure Kirk & I are done eating out with the kids for the next 1000 years. Their eating out manners are questionable to begin with and managed to deteriorate throughout the trip. By the time the buffet breakfast came around, I was able to eat one bite before the mayhem began. Riley had a few bites to eat and then wanted to wander around and climb on everything. My patience was zero so thankfully Mimi and Bump whisked her away to safe territory.

Following breakfast, we jumped in the mini van and headed out to Hoover Dam. The drive wasn’t too bad but by the time we got there (1pmish) the main parking garage was full so we had to cross over to the other side of the dam, park and then walk back to buy our tour tickets. And, of course, we were hungry so we had to get food before we could do anything. The tour was pretty cool. We got to down inside the dam and hear the rushing water. Thankfully we didn’t see any leaks while we were down there :-). Following the tour we took lots of pictures of the dam and the new bypass and then headed back to Vegas where Mimi & Bumpa headed to their show and Kirk, the kids and I headed to Excalibur to watch the Tournament of Kings. We were a little nervous about this show as we weren’t sure if Riley would be able to sit through it. Much to our surprise, Riley did great. She entertained herself with a glass of ice water for the first half hour and then actually watched the last bit of the show. Her favorite was the Jester…she clapped everytime she noticed him. Rip was completely entranced with the entire show. As soon as the lights went down, he stood up and stared with wide eyes and open mouth. The pyrotechnics were a little scary for him, but he just scooted a little closer to us and that was enough security.

After the show we headed back to the hotel and prepped for bed. Lights were out by 9:30 pm…all were exhausted!


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