Wow…I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks already! The time has absolutely flown by. We have been rather busy since we got here so this post is mostly a quick run down of everything we’ve done plus a few videos. I hope to add some pictures soon (as soon as we remember to take pictures :-). I also hope to update this on a more regular basis now that we’re settled in.

San Diego Zoo: We immediately signed up as members of the zoo and have enjoyed going there at least once a week. Our membership gets us into the Wild Animal Park as well but we haven’t made the trip up there yet. Maybe in the next couple of weeks. Kids are totally enjoying the zoo. The zoo is huge so we only go there for an hour or two at a time. This allows us to keep going to new sections each time we visit.

Beach: Man, the kids LOVE the beach. We’re hitting this about every other week and spend a couple of hours there. The kids come home covered in sand, starving and completely exhausted! Both of them love running into the water up to their knees and then running out, screaming like they’re getting attacked. Sand castles and digging holes in the sand are more fun things they like to do.

Cowles Mountain: there is a great hiking trail up a mountain around the block from our house. Kirk has hiked/ran this many times and is pretty excited about the exercise he is getting. Camden likes the hike as well but doesn’t get to go as often as Kirk. Rip was excited about climbing the mountain as well but didn’t quite make it to the top (Cowles Mountain Video). He hasn’t asked to go back up since then either…hopefully he’s not tired of hiking!

Our House for the Next Year: It only took us a couple of weeks to find a place that we could live in for the next year. It isn’t in the exact area we ultimately want to live, but it’s in a nice neighborhood, close to some friends and still not horribly far from central San Diego. Of course it is significantly smaller than our house in Austin so there are many boxes of stuff that may or may not get unpacked. This could be thought of as another opportunity to downsize even further 🙂

Dog Beach: Although Camden was born in California it wasn’t until early May that he actually swam in the ocean. Not surprisingly, Camden LOVED the beach and the ocean. He isn’t quite sure how to manage the waves yet but that will come with time and practice. After swimming and getting covered in sand, Camden is ready for the local dog wash. Great place that lets us

Child Care: Rip will be starting College Ave. Preschool on June 15. He’ll be going there for the summer and our hope is that he will start kindergarten in the fall. The school in our neighborhood is ok but they are threatening to have school start at 7:20 a.m…and that is NOT cool! We’ve submitted an application for a transfer to another school that starts closer to 8am but we won’t know for a few weeks if that will go through. Until preschool starts we have hired a nanny to come to our house in the mornings. Her name is Jackie and she is GREAT with the kids. At the end of her first day here, Rip actually got up set because he didn’t want her to leave. He settled down after we told him she was coming back the next day. Riley likes Jackie too and took to her pretty quickly. Once Rip starts preschool it will be just Jackie & Riley until January when Riley is old enough to go to preschool. Having Jackie help us out in the mornings has been fabulous and was the missing piece to things running smoothly around here. Now that Jackie watches the kids in the morning, Kirk & I have time to work, look for work, etc.

Ok, that seems like enough information for now. I’ll work on getting pictures posted and try to keep this updated on a more regular basis.