Well, we have been doing family meetings for over a year now and they really bring a solid foundation to our family. Ripken, for the most part, loves the meetings and is getting more and more engaged in the process. Riley even joined us for a couple of minutes at our last meeting. Of course she just wanted the cup of ice water, but at least she sat at the table for a bit 🙂

Anyhow, up until this past week our family meetings have consisted of

  1. Appreciations: going around the table and appreciating every family member
  2. Contributions: Everyone picking a chore they are responsible for the week
  3. Family Fun Night: picking something special fun for the family to do
  4. Allowances: by far Kirk & Ripken’s favorite part of the meeting!

Well, this week, we added the final component: Problem Solving. Basically we have set up a flip chart that the kids can write their problems on and then we, as a family, will attempt to resolve the issues at the next family meeting. The goal of this component is to let the kids learn how to become great problem solvers. It also allows us parents to removed ourselves from the daily quibbles/quarrels/sqwabbles the kids have.

Ok, so at our meeting we introduce the problem solving board and Rip gets very excited! The plan was to just introduce the concept and then start solving problems at the next meeting. However, Rip is ready to start problem solving right away. We let him know we’ll tackle one problem at the meeting and save any others for the next meeting. Rip announces that he has ‘many problems!’ He goes to the problem board and starts drawing his problem…asks us if we know what it is (we don’t) and then explains that actually it’s Mommy’s problem. He has drawn a picture of our kitchen counter with ants all over it. How sweet is that??? Oh, and one day a couple weeks back I was fuming a little about the ants and Rip tells me to ‘be patient…it’s going to take a couple days to get rid of the ants.’ Wow…he does hear what we tell him!!!

Anyhow we’ll keep you posted on how the problem solving goes. Meanwhile, Parenting On Track is having a spectacular sale that ends on May 31. If you want to get the Parenting On Track program at 50% off…buy now using the coupon code: ONTRACK0531. This absolutely fabulous program can be viewed/purchased here: Parenting On Track.