Ok, I think Kirk made up a new drink the other night. He informed me he was going to partake in an adult beverage…a vodka and tonic…and asked if I would like one. I didn’t want him drinking alone so I said I would be willing to keep him company with a beverage. Well I was cooking dinner so it took me several more minutes before I was able to take my first sip of the drink and when I did, I knew something was different. I asked him if he made it differently, did he buy flavored tonic? No to both questions. I took another drink and mentioned that it was sweeter than a vodka and tonic should be…almost like it had a tequila flavor. After a couple more minutes of discussion, I turned around and saw a tequila bottle sitting next to the tonic bottle. Sure enough, Kirk created a Tequila and Tonic. He insists it wasn’t on purpose, but looking back, he had a bit of a sly smile on his face the entire time we were discussing the matter. I’m suspisious he knew what he was doing all along!

On a more interesting note, Rip has been learning how to make his own lunch this week. He starts preschool on Monday and has to take his lunch so we decided it was a good time for him to learn how to prepare it himself. The first night he was pretty excited about making his own lunch and did pretty good. Peanut Butter and Jelly, apple, strawberries and a juice box. Second night went pretty smooth as well. However, last night, the excitement was definitely wearing off. The lunch went down to a sandwich and juice box and there was lots of resisting to the entire event. I anticipate there will be one day next week that Rip either decides not to make a lunch or forgets to take it. Could be an interesting lesson he learns 🙂