Well, the fun thing to report is that Ripken has started taking Karate lessons. It all started when Rip asked why his friend was taking lessons and Ripken wasn’t. This turned into a long conversation about what type of lessons Rip would like to take. We quickly agreed that swimming lessons was not high on his list because he didn’t like to get his face wet. Rip did sound interested in Karate (I mentioned that it was a type of fightinng). The first lesson didn’t go so well…Rip didn’t even go out onto the mat. However the second lesson he participated the entire time. After the third lesson (which he participated completely again) we signed him up on a monthly program. So right now he takes Karate lessons once a week. He even has his own Karate outfit (called a Gi) and passed his first test yesterday. Not to much going on with Riley Bear. She’s getting a few more words out but still not too much talking going on. She’s loving music and loves to dance in our living room (check out this video).

Garden is producing TONS of squash and a few cucumbers. We actually have too much squash and need someone to take it off our hands! Look like the corn might be ready in the next week or so. Tomatos and peppers are lagging…might be the end of summer before we see anything from those plants.

Busy weekend coming up. Kirk and I are going to go to a Padres game on Friday. Kids are going to a YMCA Parents Afternoon out on Saturday while Kirk & I go play. Then Sunday is a BBQ/pool party at a friend’s house.

Ok, time for a few pictures of the kiddos: