After dinner we have been taking the kids to a local park so they can get out some energy before bed time (this has been critical for Rip since he’s getting a monster 2 hour nap at school). It appears that Rip has turned a corner and has become a social butterfly! He pretty much spends his entire time at the park making friends. As soon as we get to the park, Rip starts searching for any boys that he has met previously and if they aren’t there, then he starts looking for other boys to meet and play with. No more shy Ripken!! So very exciting to watch him want to play with other people and actually enjoy it!

Riley is making us proud too. She said “Bumpa” for the first time yesterday…and it was while she was on the phone with Bumpa! I’m guessing that Bumpa will be bragging about that for days to come!

Other than that, we have a couple of fun trips this week. Thursday Kirk & I are have a day date and going to the track to watch the horses run at Del Mar. Then on Friday, we’re taking the kids to Legoland in the late afternoon/early evening. I think the weekend will be low key though….need a little down time to rest/relax. Of course, I can easily see us wanting to get to the beach at least one day šŸ™‚