Ripken has been such an especially good big brother lately. When Riley and I pick him up at school, Ripken runs over and makes sure to give Riley a big hug and then tells all his friends that Riley is his baby sister.

Then, yesterday, we all took a trip up to see Kirk’s new office. While we were walking down the hall, Riley started crying because she was falling behind. Ripken stopped, went back to Riley, told her it was ok and then held her hand while they walked down the hall together. Love it!

I think Riley is starting to talk. Still not a lot of actual words but we’re getting a few out of her now. Here’s a list of her vocabulary (that we know of):

No (her favorite by far)
what’s that (doesn’t articulate this one very well, but it is what she is saying)
slide (said this once for the nanny)
swing (said this once for the nanny)
outside (said this once for mommy)
uh-oh (another favorite)
Bumpa (said this for a whole day but doesn’t seem interested in it anymore)

She also likes to make animal noises but isn’t interested in naming the animals yet.