Wow…can’t believe it’s been a month since the last post! August has been a very busy month so I’m going to do some highlights (in no particular order).

1. Hawaii – Fabulous vacation to Kauai with Kirk’s side of the family. Kids had a blast hanging with the cousins and swimming ALL day. Kirk & I had fun checking out the beautiful scenery and hope to return some day and get some serious hiking in. Our favorite adventure was the rafting tour up the Na Pali coast…although I think I might still be sore from the front action adventure seats! Here’s the video for anyone that wants to get a glimpse of the trip. We also did a helicopter tour that was pretty amazing. Would certainly love to take helicopter lessons if anyone would like to foot the bill for me…i think it runs somewhere in the neighborhood of $5000. Check out the slide show to the right for all kinds of pictures.

Kauai Day 1
Kauai Day 2
Kauai Day 3
Kauai Day 4

2. Ripken opens up about marriage: Here’s a fun story about Ripken & Daddy. Riding home from the park, Ripken asked Kirk what “marry” meant. Kirk told him it’s when a man and a worman become husband and wife and start a family. Ripken said he wanted to get married some day and that he wants to meet a girl that likes him and have 4 babies. Kirk asked Rip what Rip would name the babies. Rip promptly replied: Kirk, Mommy, Camden and Riley.

3. Snowpants in August. Rip was rummaging through his closet the other day and came across some snowpants we bought for him in Michigan last January (BTW, snow pants are considerably shorter on him now). He decided to sleep in them. Ok, it’s August and even though we’re not in Texas any more, it’s still warm enough that snow pants are not necessary. But whatever, we’re open minded, let him make his own decisions. Ok, fast forward to the next morning and the morning routine begins. Rip decides that he wants to wear his snow pants to school. Oh boy. Ok, it’s supposed to be 80 degrees on this particular day. But whatever, maybe he will learn that snow pants are warm and meant to be worn in the SNOW. Anyhow, he wore them all day…and here’s a little picture of my first born wearing snow pants in August:

4. Riley: she continues to keep us on top of our toes. In Hawaii, it was amazing to watch her get into EVERYTHING! I think we were actually at the rental house about 1/2 an hour before she broke the first item (thanks Jason for gluing back together!!). She babbles quite a bit and likes to ‘talk with her hands’ but not a lot of actual words. Although she did very clearly say the other day ‘Where’s Rip?’. She loves to get herself dressed (but loves being naked…quite a catch 22). Especially putting her shirts on as if they were skirts. And she can’t get enough o wearing everyones shoes (especially loves Ripken’s). Her next dr.’s appointment is coming up soon so it will be interesting to see how much she weighs (a lot!) and how tall she is (very!).

5. Tee Ball: Ripken started tee ball last week and seems to really enjoy it. He likes to practice batting at home so Kirk is quite elated 🙂

6. Ripken is officially registered for kindergarten. Starts on Sept. 8th with orientation on Sept. 4th. Can’t wait to see how this next phase in our lives goes 😉

Ok, that’s enough for now. Hope all is well out there!