Summer must be officially over…Rip started kindergarten today. Overall I’d say things went pretty smoothly. Alarms went off at 6am. The snooze button was hit a few times (this was all mommy & daddy’s doing). Got dressed, ate breakfast…out the door. BTW, that may all sound very nice and efficient, but in reality, those few things took an hour and a half.

Ok, school is only .6 miles from our house but, at this point, still far enough away that we are making the trip by car. Had to park about 1/2 a block away so we did get to do a little walking 🙂 Ok, we go to our designated spot (The Kindergarten Area) and get to see all the kids and respective parents milling around waiting for the first bell. We deposit Rip’s snack into the designated red wagon (each kindergarten has an assigned snack wagon), hang up the backpack, and then wait. Kirk does another great job of capturing all of this on video and photos!

Ok, second bell rings and it’s time to head into the classroom. So far Rip is doing really well at hanging out and when we get inside, he goes and sits with all the other kids. He does look a little sad when the teacher starts singing the ‘Goodbye Parents’ song but doesn’t cry or come running for us (phew!).

The pick up went pretty smoothly…Riley was a little impatient about getting to Ripken, especially after she saw him through the window. Man are we ever so lucky that Rip & Riley like each other so much!

Ok, bell rings, Rip is released. He comes running out, Riley runs to him, they embrace with big smiles on their faces! Then Rip breaks the news to me. He forgot to put his backpack and lunchbox back on the hook after lunch. I did a PHENOMENAL job of not freaking out about how the $20 batman thermos I just bought for him was lost on the FIRST day (I haven’t broken the news to Kirk about the cost of said thermos…just going to let him find out when he reads this post…love you honey!)!! Instead, we checked out the lost and found and cafeteria. No place to be found. Then Rip mentions he thinks he left it on the playground. We go check out the ‘big’ playground, no dice. Same thing with the kindergarten playground. However, we did find the new batman backpack so not all was lost on the first day.

To celebrate Rip, Riley & I went straight to 7-11 for some slurpee action and then over to Lake Murray for some bonding time. I was hoping that Rip was going to open up about his first day at school whilest enjoying that amazing slurpee mom had just bought for him…and usually that does the trick. But not today. Not on the day I am DYING to find out what he thought of his first day of formal education. Oh well…we still have that bonding time going for us. At least we did until when we were playing tag Rip slipped and scrapped his knee. For those of you not too familiar with Rip, he does not do well at the sight of blood and there was blood (see below). Rip is now screaming bloody murder (ha ha). We agree that fun time is over and to go home so I walk over to Riley who is covered head to toe in sand and slowly undressing herself in preparation of playing in Lake Murray (which is not allowed as it is a resevoir). I explain to Riley that it is time to leave. She tells me she is, under no circumstances, ready to leave. I pick her up to start taking her to the car. I now have Rip writhing in pain in the dirt and Riley screaming and flailing about (trying to punch me too). I’m doing my damndest not to laugh because I’m thinking the whole situation is comical when Rip spies my smirking and tells me ‘This is NOT funny!!’ Oh, contrair mon frere!

Ok, we did make it back home (Rip screaming the whole way) and managed to salvage the rest of the afternoon/evening. Rip’s bloody knee doesn’t seem to be bothering him any more and Riley forgave me for taking her away from the water.

Rip Goes to Kindergarten