Ok, so for two nights in a row now we have had some bathtub drama.

Night #1: Riley poops in the tub. Lots of screaming on Rip’s part. Riley looking like “What? What’s wrong?” Nice quote from Rip: “Look mommy, there’s 3 poops”

Night #2: Ripken vomits in the tub. No, he’s not ill, he just managed to swallow some bathtub water wrong (ugh!), started coughing and threw up his dinner. Riley, once again, looking like “What? What’s wrong?”

Now, the thing that bothers me most is that, for both instances, I was the parent home who had the pleasure of cleaning up the messes. Need to figure out how to have these things happen when I’m out of the house!

BTW, Night #1, we did not complete the bathing process…hair was not washed, bodies were just rinsed. However, on Night #2, I relocated the kids to Kirk’s and my bathtub. Shortly after putting the kids in the new tub and leaving to eat dinner with Kirk, Ripken comes running out (buck naked) to let me know that Riley turned on the shower and got his hair wet. I asked if he turned it off and he gives me a funny look and says, “No…it’s still running, can’t you hear it??” Sure enough, the shower was on and Riley was cowering in the corner trying to stay away from the spraying water. AND, after I finished eating, I go back to wash the kids and they had let all the water out of the tub and were getting out. Ugh…lots of wasted water that night!