Ok, so we have been watching the Parenting On Track Home Program for quite some time now and have implemented quite a few things, but tomorrow we are going to officially kick off doing the program from start to finish.

The program is designed to help parents raise confident, independent, capable kids that will leave the house at 18 with enthusiasm and confidence.  Thankfully for us, we still have many years of practice ahead!

Anyhow, we sat down with Ripken tonight (Riley elected not to participate) and explained that we had been learning from this parenting program and that we were going to try and fix many of the mistakes we have made over the past 5 years.   Now the first assignment in this program is to “Do Nothing, Say Nothing” for 7 days.  This means no interfering behaviors from Kirk & I (i.e.  no reminding, bribing, yelling, time outing).  I think during one of the workshops I attended Vicki referred to these 7 days as de-tox…for both kids and parents.  Needless to say it is going to be an interesting week.

We have set some ground rules for our 7 days:

1.  We expect Rip to go to school every day.  When it’s time to go to school, Rip will go to school…no matter where he is in the getting ready process.  It is very likely Rip will be going to school in his PJs.  Now this is the kid that wore snow pants to preschool in August and was fine with it.  So it will be interesting to see if he will mind wearing PJs to a new school…and will the kids tease him?  Will the teacher comment?  Only time will tell!

2.  Rip is a VERY, VERY deep sleeper.  We have agreed to wake him up in the morning in time for him to watch 1 show on TV before he will need to start getting ready for school.  We do have an alarm clock for him and it does go off every morning but that isn’t enough to wake him up.

Some of the things we are expecting for this week:

– going to school in PJs

– forgetting backpack (which includes snack, lunch and homework)

– lots of late nights (Rip will be in charge of his bed time this week)

– lots of cranky mornings mixed with incredible melt downs

– messes beyond all messes

– time spent locked in the bedroom (this will be Kirk & I hiding)

Ok, time to go get some good rest.  It’s bound to be a fairly long week.  And the goal for these next 7 days is identify what the kids can do for themselves but haven’t been able to because we have been interfering.   AND learn about what sets Kirk & I off, what makes us react;  learn to stop using interfering behaviors.