Ok, so overall things went waaaaay better than we expected.  Ripken did give us some “I can’t do it’s!” and “I’m not your friend’s!” and ‘You’re a meannie’s”, but for the most part, as soon as he realized we weren’t doing for him what he could do for himself, he took care of what he wanted.  He managed his own breakfast (bowl of cherrios) his own lunch (large tortilla) and a couple of snacks (gatorade, yogurts, sun chips, popsicles).

Bathtime – Ripken happily declared that he was not taking a bath.

Bedtime – We gave Rip a 30 minute courtesy reminder about bedtime – if he wanted books before bed, Mommy/Daddy would be available in 30 minutes.  If he elected not to have books at that time, then no books that night.  When Rip decided he was finally ready for bed, he did declare that he wanted books/songs.  With absolutely no prompting from us, he went in his room, hopped into bed and fell asleep without books/songs.  Of course Rip went to bed without brushing his teeth (I am cringing even as I write this!), no PJs, and no pull ups (will he care about his dirty sheets tomorrow??).

Lessons learned (Kirk & Kristin):

1.  Clearly our children have little (if not zero) respect for their belongings.  No desire to make sure they don’t break.  No desire to put things away.  And yes, our house, after only day 1, is a complete and total disaster zone! (pictures, possibly video, tomorrow).

2.  By letting go of the ‘must do-s’, nagging, reminding, etc (i.e., all of the interfering strategies we’ve been using up to now),   Kirk and I have enjoyed a pretty stress free day.  The worst of the day had to do with Riley waking up from her nap in a HORRIBLE mood (crying, screaming) for several minutes before settling down.  Kind of like me in the morning 😉

New Skills (Ripken)

– Rip did ask to be taught how to make chocolate milk.  He specifically said he didn’t know how to make it and asked Kirk to teach him.

We do think RIpken was surprised at how much freedom he had.  Overall it was a surprisingly good day.  I fully expect tomorrow to be a different story.  Right now Rip’s lunch is sitting on the floor in the kitchen (ugh!!) and I’m expecting a tired, cranky Rip to end up going to school in his dirty clothes…please, please, please let me be wrong!!!

As for Riley, she seems to take her brothers lead with some things.  Other things she is pretty excited about learning/doing for herself.  For example, she LOVES to help make her scrambled eggs for breakfast – I would guess that within the next 3 months she’ll be able to do this on her own.  Of course, she too has no desire to clean up or take care of things.  Glad we’re getting started on this process now!!