We were a bit nervous this morning as we were absolutely expecting the worst – kicking, screaming, hitting, clawing, etc.  Much to our pleasant surprise, things went pretty smoothly.

Our plan was to let Rip know at 7am he had 15 minutes to get ready if he wanted to get to school in time for the run program.  That time came and went.  The next milestone was at 7:15am when I queued the music to signal 15 more minutes til we were going to school no matter where Rip was in the getting ready process.  As soon as that music started, Rip jumped up and started with the “I can’t get dressed that fast!  My legs hurt, I can’t run to my room!”  A simple calm statement of “Maybe you could walk fast” did the trick.  Rip went to his room and got ready in record time.  Of course, I’m not sure he was wearing underwear, he definitely wasn’t wearing socks and didn’t have a shirt on underneath his winter sweater.

We do have a little white board that has a checklist of things for Rip to do in getting ready for school (get dressed, brush his teeth, eat and backpack).  He looked at this after getting dressed and went to brush his teeth.  After brushing his teeth, the music ended and I told him it was time to go.  He quickly looked at his checklist and noticed he hadn’t eaten.  He grabbed a banana for the road and off we went…without his backpack.   Did I mention his backpack has his snack, lunch and school folder?

Anyhow, he got in the car and buckled up so fast that we ended up arriving at school with plenty of time to still participate in the run program.  I think I’m going to adjust the music start time tomorrow.  After we finished the run program, Rip went to line up with his class – still has not noticed that he doesn’t have his backpack.  I took this opportunity to give him a kiss goodbye and get the hell out of dodge before he realized his backpack was MIA.

Sounds like his day was ok.  He did get a snack from the teacher at snack time.  At lunch he had a chocolate milk – I think he somehow struck a deal with the cafeteria people because we have yet to actually give him money (or he take any) to purchase said milk and he’s getting it every day.

After school, Rip was hungry but in a pretty darn good mood.  He managed to get himself something to eat at home without even asking for my help.  He did want my company but that seemed reasonable and I wanted to spend time with him too.

Much to my amazement, the house is even messier at the end of today than it was yesterday.  We have a drawer of kid friendly cups, plates, bowls and utensils that the kids can access easily for self serving.  Since Rip has no desire to put any of the dirty dishes into the diswasher, no kid friendly dishes will be available tomorrow.  And, Rip does manage to use 4-5 cups a day (doesn’t like to re-use anything).

Bedtime was pretty uneventful.  I told Rip what time I would be available for books but that his room was very stinky and I would only read books on the couch.  He worked through what was causing the stink and removed the offending items (pants he slept in last night and his bedding – no pull ups last night = stinky room today).  He elected to skip books as he had something else he wanted to do.  He is in his room; no bedding on his bed and no pull ups.  Still not sure what I’m going to do about this scenario.  I’m not willing to lose a perfectly good mattress but getting him to put pull ups on would be interfering.   A dilemma for sure!

I’m realizing that our kids have no sense of boundaries/privacy.  Or maybe it’s no respect for privacy/boundaries.  Rip spent a significant amount of time exploring the contents underneath Kirk’s & my bathroom sink.  He didn’t ask if he could look, just went in there and did what he wanted…and of course left a mess…arghh!

One of my biggest hang ups has been Rip’s eating habits.  The kid refuses to eat vegetables and I am incredibly guilty of labeling him as a picky eater.  I’m pretty sure I labeled him early enough on that I’m responsible for him believing he is a picky eater.  Anyhow, I have flip-flopped back and forth on forcing him to eat what I make to just getting some nutrition in him or just making him something he will eat.  The latest has been just getting some nutrition in him supplemented with vitamins and fiber tablets.  Well tonight I flipped back to he can eat what I make or get his own dinner.   Since vegetable soup was on the menu, he elected to get his own dinner.  I’m bringing this up because I’ve started thinking about the types of food we have in the house and really we don’t purchase a ton of un-healthy food.  Yes, we do have some less than ideal snack stuff but really it’s minimal.  And after tonight, it’s clear to me that Rip is getting enough nutrition through whatever he eats in our house.  It certainly is not the most balanced diet but now that I can let this go a little, I think we may make some progress on that.  Who knows, maybe one day Rip will even begin to try veggies!  Tonight he ate a protein bar and LOTS of milk with Ovalteen.

Another thing I noticed is that Rip seems to need me or Kirk to play with him less.  Yes, it’s only day 2 but usually I’m completely exhausted from playing cars or batman all afternoon.  He also seems way less interested in watching TV.  Hmm…something is going on here but I’m not quite sure what.  Will have to think through that one some more.