This morning went very well.   I woke Rip up at 6:15 and he watched television until 7.  I reminded him that he should think about getting dressed if he wanted to run on the track before school, and then went back into the office.  Two minutes later, he was slowly walking towards his room.    I heard him ask Kristin if it was cold outside, and then he picked out some of his new clothes to wear.  At one point, he came out to the kitchen and asked Kristin to help him button his shirt.  She was halfway through the buttons when she realized that she should have let him try to do it on his own.  When she told him she wasn’t supposed to be doing that for him, he told her “I know, mommy, and I’m really trying hard.  But I don’t know if I can do this and I’m afraid I’ll put them in the wrong hole.”    At least he’s starting to recognize that we want him to start trying to do things on his own.

At 7:20, he was fully dressed (except for his shoes),  and with socks and underwear today!   He did ask each of us where his shoes were, even though two pairs of his shoes were in plain sight in the kitchen.  He eventually found a pair to put on and then it was time to go to school.

At this point, both Kristin and I are desperately hoping that he will remember his backpack…..but no such luck.   As he was heading out the door without it, I was thinking well we’ll probably get another call from the school today about how our son has no lunch.  Ugh.  But then, here comes Ripken back inside, telling me that he forgot all of his stuff for school.  He sees his backpack on the kitchen bench, opens it to make sure his lunch and snack are inside, zips it up and puts it on, then gives me a high five on his way out the door.   Awesome!