This morning was a little tough.  Not because we were having any particular troubles with Rip getting ready, but because I got a crappy night of sleep and when I’m tired…oh, am I grouchy!

Rip actually came out of his room on his own this morning.  I don’t think it was because he just woke up from being so well rested, I think it had to do with his sister who is incredibly vocal and LOUD!  My goodness, this child could wake up the dead!  Anyhow, he went about doing whatever he wanted to do (mainly watch Dragon Tales on PBS).  At 7am he was given the 15 minute notification.  He elected to start watching Sesame Street.  At 7:15 came the, it’s time to start the songs.  I got a ‘No!  I’m watching Sesame Street!”  I DID NOT engage!!  I just went on my merry (actually, not so merry this morning) way.  Rip got up went to his room and got dressed.  Came out in what appeared to be clean clothes (although I think the underwear was forgotten again) and announced he was dressed and ready for breakfast.  Kirk & I said ‘OK’ and went on doing our stuff.  Rip selected pretzels and cheese for breakfast.  The last song ended and I announced it was time for school and headed out to the car.

In the car, Rip noticed his backpack was in the car and asked if I had brought it to the car.  I kindly informed him that it never left the car yesterday.  That’s when the wheels started turning.  He quickly put together that his lunch and snack must not be in the backpack, then ran into the house to get his stuff.  I then asked him if he wanted to put stuff in his backpack right then or when we got to school.  He elected at school.  By now we are a little behind schedule.  When we parked at school, Rip put his lunch/snack into his backpack.  He did forget his school folder but certainly was not going to forget his extra shirt that he wore to school yesterday.  And no mini-saves from me today.

Anyhow, we did not get to school in time to do the run program and yes Rip was upset but got over it quickly.  He saw a couple of friends and decided it was time to change his ‘top shirt’.  It was at that moment I realized that Rip was wearing the same shirt he wore yesterday…his new beloved Batman shirt.  Now yesterday, the Batman shirt was clean.  Today, it was covered in dirt and food.  I especially liked the chocolate milk stains on his sleeve…from where he wiped his mouth.  UGH!  Cleanliness is high on my ‘training needed’ list.

Rip did get a bit clingy when the bell rang to go to class.  I did my best to not engage but it was pretty hard when he was literally hanging on to me.  I didn’t see the teacher to signal for her to rescue me but I did after just a moment manage to get Rip to let go and head into class.

He just walked in the door after school.  I’m sure we’ll have some more fun things to go through this afternoon.

By the way, I am completely done with living in an incredibly messy house.  Yes I’m less stressed in terms of how I interact with the kids.  But I work out of the house and I’m done with hanging out in the filth.  Really can’t wait till we can clean up on Sunday!!