Well if nothing else, both kids were pretty tired today and went to bed without any resistance.  Much to my surprise, the house is significantly worse off after this afternoon.  Rip located a sheet that was sent home from school where if he cuts out 10 box tops and tapes them to the sheet he will get 2 tickets for the halloween carnival at the end of the month.

Rip took it upon himself to search the entire kitchen to locate box tops.  He proceeded to dump out the box contents and cut out the box tops.   Thankfully he was kind enough to put most of the contents in zip lock bags and back on shelves…unfortunately not everything made it back.  He ended up with 7 of the 10 box tops cut out and pasted on his sheet.  Of course I’m completely new to this school thing and just learned that ‘box tops’ doesn’t mean the UPC code on purchased items but means a special box tops logo only on General Mills products.  Not a single UPC code that Rip cut out is a box top.   We usually buy generic stuff too so it could be pretty difficult for him to get those 10 box top logos.  Ugh…I so hate to be the bearer of bad news after all the effort he put into cutting those boxes!!  I just went to check our food supply and we do have about 5 boxes in the house that qualify.  We’ll see if how excited he is to do a repeat performance.

What else.  The kids watched about 5 hours worth of TV today.  I am absolutely sure I have some pretty strong beliefs about kids who watch that much TV and the parents that allow it.  Will definitely need to sort through that!  Meanwhile, I kept to my do nothing, say nothing and let it happen.  Of course that was a benefit to me with the kids glued in front of the TV like zombies…I got an AMAZING amount of stuff done.  So much stuff that I’m not sure what to do with myself now.  Guess I’ll start catching up on my Daily Shows.

Oh one other thing to note, for the first time in I don’t know how long, I was actually able to carry a conversation on the phone without one or both of the kids instantly needing my attention.  And it definitely wasn’t due to the TV watching…they have a sixth sense about the phone…can come running even before the first ring or just as I start dialing.  Today, I was on the phone, in front of them, and they just did their own thing – making lots of messes :-).

I’m looking forward to seeing how tomorrow goes.  Rip’s backpack and it’s contents are strewn across the dining room floor.  Including his permission slip for a field trip.  Haven’t decided what to do with that yet.  It’s not due for another week so I’ll probably just let it lie there until we’re out of do nothing, say nothing.

One last thing to note.  Bedtime.  Riley fell asleep in my arms tonight…clearly she was tired.  I gave Rip notice that after watching an episode of Arthur I would be available to read him books.  Rip went for the book reading.  Two surprising things happened:  1.  Rip on his own, no mention from me, brushed his teeth before books.  This is the kid that has not brushed his teeth since Monday morning…two days ago!!!  I think he attempted to floss too but I didn’t want to hover so I’m not sure if that actually took place.  2.  While reading books, Rip mentioned once ‘Night Night’ – that’s his security blanket.  I continued to read and Rip didn’t feel the need to go get his blanket or mention it again.  I’m pretty sure this is the first time Rip has voluntarily gone to sleep without his blanket.  I’m pretty sure there’s something to be learned here too.  Wondering if he is feeling more secure with himself…has this independence brought on a whole new level of confidence?  Of course, he still wanted nothing to do with pull ups so I will be sneaking in there shortly to suit him up and protect that mattress!